For The Record Lyrics Yo Gotti

For The Record Lyrics Yo Gotti

For The Record Lyrics Yo Gotti. Yo Gotti is a Singer of For The Record Song. which sees production from SMPLGTWY, Boi-1da, Omar Guetfa, AT, and A-Darian.

For the Record Yo Gotti

Yo Gotti – For The Records

Hey Gotti
What’s happening?
You ever that story, about when the real niggas came in last place?
Nah, nah, nah, I don’t believe that
Hahaha, shit me neither

Shout out to grippin’ jewels (Grippin’ jewels)
Cocaine records (Cocaine records)
I’ll die for them three letters, make these streets respect us (Go ask ’em)

I did deals that didn’t benefit me
Why would I do such a thing? So my niggas could eat (One hundred)
My nigga on that dog food (Food), stole a 100K (It crush me)
It was a million in their safe, why the fuck you play? (Pussy)
If you gon’ take it, take it all, nigga, nigga
‘Cause when I see you, I want it all, nigga, nigga

Baby momma up and left (Why?)
She left me scarred (It hurt me)
But I can’t blame her, all the shit I done (Why?), I know it’s hard (Yeah)
To love a nigga like me (Me), I’m too deep in these streets (I am)
Dedicated too hustlers whom dedicated to me (I am)
Six hundred for a Richard Mille, now we sellin’ bricks
I’m rockin’ niggas record deals, on my wrist
Twenty mill’ for an advance check (Twenty what?)
I fuck, [?] (I don’t give a fuck)

First we want the money but now we got our own amounts
How you live in a mansion but you don’t own the land?
I’m on some other shit

I gave these niggas the game, I guess that they listen, so fuck ’em
I told ’em big [?], don’t pay attention, these niggas some suckers, uh
They flex on the ‘Gram, they show they lil’ racks but they live with their momma, uh
Gun [?], we just smoke you down, want no drama, uh

Let me clear up the air

No beefs with no rappers at all
My focus has been on my niggas, on gettin’ ’em some money and freein’ my dawgs, uh
When it come to these broads, I’m different
I buy her Chanel not Tiffany
I fuck around, sendin’ like ten thousand flowers to her job ’cause I know that she miss me
And she love my history
I know her potential
The realer you is, the fire that head, good God, I must [?], uh
But back to the issues at hand
Don’t wanna play on your dawg
Don’t sacrifice your lil’ mans


You got to build the team
Gettin’ a hundred racks was a dream
Get a million, they ain’t even seen
I give her [?] to achieve
Now I’m playin’ with [?], ridin’ in a ‘Rari, [?]
That was 400K, yeah, a nigga ballin’, I ain’t just talkin’
Fuck a bitch good, then the hoe stalk, can’t get [?]
Had a good month, tricked on a bitch, but I don’t do it often

Yeah (Yeah)
Big Gotti, I’m cocky
‘Cause I know everybody got their money right
Yeah, the team solid (Yeah)

All I ever did was show niggas how to get money
How to do it on their own
How to put their migos on
The definition of a hustler
Treat my partners like brothers
Been understood, been [?] with the plug
Never join the gangsta, lil’ thug
Never did nothin’ to kids or women, it’s off limits
In the streets I’m official
If I ain’t with you, I’m against you

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