Any individual who's failed to remember why Nicki Minaj is a legend got a not-really delicate update during the 2022 VMAs broadcast,

As pink smoke gushed out over the stage and into the VMAs crowd, BLACKPINK broke out their new single "Pink Venom" with fast-fire vocals and wild movement.

Wearing a skin-tight glittery red suit, Anitta sneaked around the VMAs stage like a stray feline searching for its next dinner

There wasn't a lot of rock at the 2022 VMAs, however Italian glitz rockers and Eurovision winners MÃ¥neskin presented the defense that a straight-up rock n' roll band

Jack Harlow opened the VMAs with class - "First Class," that is, playing out his Billboard Hot 100 No. 1 in a set done up to seem to be within a fly,

.Bad Bunny took over the VMAs broadcast in New York's Yankee Stadium shortly after winning the VMA for artist of the year while Bad Bunny was on the east coast and not there.

Quite possibly of the best damn live performer out there, Lizzo's voice, high kicks and extravagant footwork were in fine structure

Kane Brown sounded astounding on his stone-touched chime in "Grand," a magnificent exhibit for his extreme yet-delicate lines